IW Meeting 2009-06-25

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  • debrief on remaining issues with the paper that will impact the proposal
  • discuss proposal
  • discuss technical progress
  • logistics


  • proposal
    • (geoff) description of TPTP community
    • (geoff) contributions to TPTP community, (significant and novel)
    • (deb, geoff, paulo) results from previous funding
    • (deb) broader impact beyond TPTP community, CEDAR, VSTO
    • (li) logistics,
      • submit by July 18
      • a wiki website,
      • budget directly send to Deb
      • (geoff, paulo) confirm fastlane, CV
    • (li) technical thread
      • representation and construction of combined proof (algorithms and initial results)
      • knowledge discovery on combined proof
        • find better proof in combined proof; and quality metrics for proofs
        • find critical path in combined proof
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