IW Meeting 2009-04-30

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  • proof quality metric discussion
  • funding discussion
  • iwsearch
  • inference web infrastructure
    • wiki
    • api version
    • watchdog
    • SVN and issue tracker


  • back-tracking principles
    • keep the published proofs intact (all agreed)
    • tradeoff: minimize PML infrastructure change VS. minimize additional data duplication
    • paulo: space is cheap. (but the CPU time is not cheap when the space/computing requirement is exponential)


  • todo - paulo will send email about the pml2 encoding on issues we should discuss
  • rename proposal isExplanationOf to hasOriginalProof
  • todo next time - discuss the "new encoding" section. we will evaluate with respect to the principles above.
  • geoff will miss the next meeting.
  • geoff to find our similar work in horn clause/Prolog programming domain (as we see the connection between proof combining and derivations in Prolog).
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