IW Meeting 2009-04-23

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  • PML API - cynthia got a new release, Li want it versioned
The latest version of PML API is available for download:
1. PML library - http://inference-web.org/downloads/pml.jar
2. PML source - http://inference-web.org/downloads/pml_source.tar
3. PML distribution - http://inference-web.org/downloads/pml_distribution.tar.gz

In this version,  the property http://inference-web.org/2.0/pml-provenance.owl#hasConfidenceValue is included.
  • inference-web.org
    • it is semantic wiki
    • create account should be restricted from public users. any registered user can create account for other.
    • any group member can publish their inference related projects
    • publication management, we will query all's publication info from owner's sites
  • export pml from wiki
    • Li did a live demo on declaring Li Ding is an instance of person.
<swivt:Subject rdf:about="&wiki;Li_Ding">
 <rdfs:label>Li Ding</rdfs:label>
 <swivt:page rdf:resource="&wikiurl;Li_Ding"/>
 <rdfs:isDefinedBy rdf:resource="&wikiurl;Special:ExportRDF/Li_Ding"/>
 <rdf:type rdf:resource="http://inference-web.org/2.0/pml-provenance.owl#Person"/>
 <pmlp:hasName rdf:datatype="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#string">Li Ding</pmlp:hasName>
  • Combine_proof_example_2 we know the problem better
    • there are altogether four different proofs
    • paulo believe a justification does not need to be as complete as a proof.
 Possible "proofs" for the conclusion of D1: (D1), (D1,C1), (D1,C1,B1),...,(D1,C2),(D1,C2,B2),...


  • publication management on inference-web.org (how to used queried results)
  • come back: Combine_proof_example_2 backtracking
  • come back: complexity analysis on traverse algorithm
    • We now have several equivalent formulations of proof combining: proof combining, proof assembly, And-of-tree. Li and Honglie will work out a set of unified notations this week;
    • Honglei will elaborate a few more examples to Shangguan and Rui so that they can continue to take on the second part of the proof;
  • come back: proof quality metric discussion
  • come back: funding discussion
  • inference web infrastructure:
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