IW Meeting 2008-11-25

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  • what is valid PML, Jiao, cynthia
  • progress of TPTP combine proof (cynthia, geoff, honglei) (will Geoff be around?)
  • progress with james
  • happy thanks giving.


what is valid PML

  • PML validation may require different output from OWL instance data evaluation. e.g. cardinality may cause warning in OIE, but errors in PML validation.
  • Given a PML document, PML validator needs to answer yes/no first.
  • Integrity issues in PML documents should be treated as errors.
    • MPV, EPV in PML document are issues.
    • NSIT, RIT in PML document are not issues.
    • UIT needs to be refined.
  • Cyncia suggests an example about subproperty and she will provide the example later.

combine proof

  • cynthia: we have made good progress
  • honglei: how to evalute the improvement, we may build the global optimal as the baseline for evaluation (if we compare with the global optimal what did we really evaluate?)
  • cynthia: why there is a big improvment

james' usage of PML API

  • cynthia is generating tutorials and examples for James
  • mentioned "goal" a nodeset wihtout any inference step.
  • html rendering component for conclusion

action items

what is a valid PML

  • [someone] will check "validator link is broken": http://validator.inference-web.org/iw2api/doc_pmlvalidator/
  • cynthia will raise an example that need to validate sub-property related issue.
  • UIT
    • Paulo can generate an example: if he extend PML ontology by adding a subclass of InferenceEngine, will it cause UIT issue?
    • Jiao generate several example files for Cynthia to test PML API on UIT issue.
  • Jiao send paulo her recent paper on owl instance validator

combine proof

  • (someone) generate a document on the current status of combine proof
  • cynthia will demo reversely combined proofs
  • honglei will show global optimal of combined proofs.
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