IW Meeting 2007 Sep 26

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  • paulo's updates
  • paulo on TPTP translation
  • stefanos registration process
  • alyssa's progress
  • li's progress
  • cynthia finished example translation


  • paulo's updates
    • addressed nick's problem
    • we may need better user interface on pml validator. We may generate some human readable messages and update regression test.
  • alyssa is working on pml 2 with spark database
  • Li's udpates
    • Li will build browse alike interface for iwsearch with annotation on sources
    • domain specific IW search (only index a specific set of pml data)
    • tagging to classify pml data
    • separate UI from data
  • stefanos registration: paulo and cynthia will be contact point. Ask what pml classes he plan to generate, maybe send him some templates.


alyssa has the updated code on her laptop (and has tested compilation). she will get the spark db for testing on friday and should have results this week.

 Action item - alyssa  - report on testing PML 2 on spark / icee

paulo has registration going on their meta data application (which is great). we would like to update to pml2. that way we can all be on the same page for registration help and help for new users on board.

nick had a number of issues that seem to have been caused by the sciencetrust.org problem.

 Action item - Paulo and Nick - cut over to pml 2
 action item - li - lightweight browser interface for iwsearch for pml 2.
 question - can li add the domain node where the information came
 from - li will include source.  so we can also then collect statistics
 about what locations are publishing pml.  paulo will provide root node

a couple of interesting issues came up including:

  • a number of iw search instantiations (such as one local to utep where

paulo tells it what he wants it to index)

  • the iwsearchs getting content from all of the local instantiations.

(there will be some issues about how to "integrate" sources

 action item - paulo contact stefanos and report to the group (possibly
 asking cynthia for help).

action items

  • li work on IWSearch
  • li update pml validator UI and test case.
  • next meeting
    • oct 4, 2:30 - 5:30pm
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