IW Meeting 2007 Oct 18

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  • status report

- li will forward to james

    • meeting time
  • follow up meeting

tomorrow - Friday October 19th from 9-10:30am. we need telecon support since i need to do this partially from the road.

  • friday we will set up a regular meeting time
  • li will invite rpi students
  • next meeting 9am pacific time; cynthia will send out call in logistics



action items

  • utep: generate pml2 provenance instance data
  • Li: investigate mapping foaf to pml2
  • request(update pml2): change domain of hasURL from Information to Document, if a document has property URL, then it is a webpage, its content is stored on the Web.
    • [option1] preferably not change this term,
    • [option2] provide solid example that why this change is necessary
  • paulo meet geoff on tptp mapping

written by Deb

  • todo alejandro will generate pml. TODO for next meeting (week of oct 22) report on progress and needs
  • todo cynthia to send paulo and allejandro more examples for pml generation by oct 22 what was available in pml 1
  • todo li generate iw search statistics TODO - proposal at least by next meeting and if easy, also the implementation (week of oct 22)
  • cynthia will get room and email reminder

  • meeting next week : 12:30-2pm
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