IW Meeting 2007 Oct 04

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  • paulo's updates
    • Action item - Paulo and Nick - cut over to pml 2
    • action item - paulo contact stefanos and report to the group (possibly asking cynthia for help).
  • alyssa's progress
  • li's progress
    • li work on IWSearch
      • action item - li - lightweight browser interface for iwsearch for pml 2.
      • question - can li add the domain node where the information came from - li will include source.
    • li update pml validator UI and test case.
    • pml 2 primer
  • cynthia's updates
  • next meeting time


  • alyssa: good progress.
  • Alyssa has updated her code to PML 2.0 using the documentation provided along with the examples. She thinks that we are ready for Paulo and Nick to start their cut over to PML 2.0.
  • she is getting ready to use the learned source usage information.
  • she will also get a database from michael to test a scaled up version.

action items

  • next meeting
    • Oct 11, 9:30am
    • Oct 18, 2:30pm
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