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  • transition inference-web main site
  • James starting on new WineAgent.

pml tools


  • todo paulo will call cynthia to provide the specification and paulo will send a paragraph about each phone conversation. we agreed that we would start on 1-3 of the 9 points in task list

pml2 ontology

  • [need decision] eliminate maxcard restriction on hasFormat and hasLangauge because we can see one information may use multiple language ?
  • [need decision] distinct Fromat from Language:
    • format guides users parsing form rawstring to content string
    • language guides users send content string to appropriate language engine
  • [need decision] hasURL move from information to Document
    • Cynthia will generate initial concern for moving back. e.g. what if both description and content have URL? (Li: they are two different documents, and they are related by hasDescription relation)
    • Li believes that hasURL is a property of document.
  • status report
    • Li: MIT visit; Paper writing.
    • Paulo:
    • Cynthia:


transition plan

  • question: when do we think the Stanford machines are not critical
  • (Li check Jackie) status of NFS stuff on onto and iw
  • (Li check Jacky) status of speaker phone, telecon between Stanford and rpi

wine agent

  • (cynthia give data to Li) James needs the data used by WineAgent. i.e. wine.owl, wine instance data, meal course data.

pml tools

tabled issues

  • (Cynthia and Li prepare for meeting deb) transition plan, topic for meeting martin;
  • (Li tell cynthia) email and web space in RPI.


  • onto.rpi.edu is the stable demo machine for stable iw tools.

transition plan

surplus or repurpose

1. surplus ksl-helper (desktop pc) and an CRT monitor in 247.

2. Li's 24' monitor

  • if no one want it, we'll move it to rpi.

3. foto can be re-purposed

4. visitor1

  • Cynthia will use it until leaving stanford
  • then it can be re-purposed

5. silo

  • [todo cynthia] move silo to home at the end of this year

6. ligo

  • [todo Jackie] install NFS
 (csc) done.
  • [todo Cynthia] cynthia move content (website, proofs, registry(integrated all data from core node and domain)) to iw.rpi.edu.
 (csc) done.
  • Do comparative update on the website.
 (csc) Li, please check the bottom part of the demo page.
  • [todo Cynthia] cynthia move services (iwbrowser, iwregistrar)to onto.rpi.edu (iwsearch). Li will add onto.rpi.edu with (pmlvalidator, sparql).
 (csc) see the following urls:
  (csc) done by 11/15
  • then it can be re-purposed

7. capo

  • iw internal wiki is moved from capo to iw.rpi.edu. it can be repurposed.
  • [todo Cynthia] ask alyssa about calo wiki
  • then it can be re-purposed


8. onto

  • leave the way it is
  • [todo martin] location, maintenance

9. belo -

  • [todo cynthia] move latest version of projects in cvs@stanford to svn@rpi. And archive the entire cvs folder for backup purpose.
  • keep it because of the references of inferenceweb.stanford.edu in many iw documents.
  • [todo martin] location, maintenance

10. ksl

  • it works as the mail server, techreport server, and it may need additional disk space.
  • leave the way it is
  • [todo martin] location, maintenance

we need suggestions/confirmations from martin on the following:

1. move onto, belo to machine room and get martin's support.
2. is ksl adequate to support tech reports, ksl website, ksl mail server and
   file server. do we need to add additional hardware?


11 moto

 (csc) done.
  • [todo Alyssa] use database for CALO, at least until mid November.
  • [todo] move moto alyssa's office after cynthia have converted proofs.

12 sat

  • leave it for hong-lei.
  • [it is being used by Honglei].

13 ra1

  • [todo cynthia] ask alyssa whether the wine agent reasoner on it? otherwise it can be repurposed.
 (csc, alyssa) wine agent not on.
  • [it is being used by Pragyes].

other issue


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