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New todos from followon meeting: TPTP

    • Paulo will call jeff tomorrow morning - Dec 4
    • Paulo will make an appointment with Jeff for a discussion next week if the Dec 4 meeting fails and initiate with email.
    • Paulo and Li will meet at Stanford on Dec 12.
    • Everyone - attend the DEC 11 PARTY!!!!
    • li will send nick and alejandro and paulo a note about the pml validator and request testing. paulo, nick, and alejandro will test
    • Li will send out the link on the validator and everyone will review
    • Li and Cynthia will follow up with Jackie and Martin on transtion.
    • Alyssa and Pratyus will continue to meet weekly
    • Li and Pratyus will meet by phone on the next generation Chimaera

  • Li will talk to cynthia about web services issues with pml validator
  • Li will send email to all when PML validator is ready asking Paulo in specific to test November 14, 2007
  • Paulo will test the PML validator
  • Li will update PML justification by making Query and NodeSet disjoin
  • Paulo will send some sensor properties starting proposal
  • Cynthia and Paulo will put up a report on the tptp

pml ontology

misconception on cardinality based PML validation

  • example
  Person   <=1 hasPet   - assume that one person may only have one pet
  hasCat   subPropertyOf  hasPet, range Cat
  hasDog   subPropertyOf  hasPet, range Dog
  :John  a Person
  :John  hasCat  :TomCat
  :John  hasDog  :BobDog
  OWL DL reasoner will infer that :TomCat and :BobDog are the same thing instead of report cardinality violation
  :TomCat  a Cat
  :TomCat  a Dog
  The same thing applies to fromAnswerOrQuery,  fromAnswer 
  • we may add additional statements, and then use OWL DL reasoner to tell the inconsistency
    • action1: adding disjoin statements to PML ontologies (including 2004/07 version)
      • question, query, nodeset
      • Information, source, Language, InferenceRule, Format, Mapping
    • action2: alternatively, dynamically add statement to PML instance data during validation
      • assume all URIs of PML instances are different unless they are asserted same explicitly
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