IW Meeting 2007 Mar 28

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  • cynthia
    • iw2
    • jtp, mayukh's change has been reviewed. talked to bill millar but no response yet
  • Li
    • gila ontology change, MRE, LSP explanation generation
    • preference ontology is still under debate

action item

  • write paper to AAAI workshop on explanation
    • li provided some draft
  • JTP stable version
    • (regression) test case: kani example; wine agent; vasco's student's example
    • get control on Stanford cvs, and make it open source (need a stable version, and latest version)

low level

  • KSL tech report
  • machines needs to be up at Stanford
    • old and new mail servers (dump email?)
    • onto.stanford.edu -- ontolingua,...
    • ksl.stanford.edu -- KSL homepage (10 years)
  • RPI settings and budget
    • server room
    • visiting space
    • personal computing resource need
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