IW Meeting 2007 Mar 14

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  • the last week of class
  • iw2
    • owl to java translation: we will not create a macro data access method for a property in a class if it is not explicitly associated with the class via property restriction or rdfs:domain
    • api development schedule
      • deliver alpha version
      • check if browser can display explanations in gila owl dump
      • refine api in the future
      • upgrade iw reigistrar and pml2rdb
    • (csc) we cannot assert cardinality restriction on properties who does not have rdfs:domain, e.g. hasAuthorList. Usually hasAuthorList should be <=1, but we cannot specify that if its domain is owl:Thing. The conclusion is to support loading owl instances with hasAuthorList multiple valued.
  • gila
    • adding hasExplanation to problem and hoping connecting solutions and problems via explanations
    • contacting MRE and LSP in generating detailed explanations
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