IW Meeting 2007 Mar 07

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  • Wine agent status
    • Mayukh is still working on it and now he is testing Alyssa's theory
  • PML API status and plan
    • very close to the first alpha version, currently working on list
    • li and cynthia will review develop plan after alpha release
  • GILA
    • replace PML API with jastor based approach.
  • brainstorming on explanation for GILA Learners

action items

  • Alyssa mentor Mayukh in solving wine agent
  • Cynthia plan to deliver pml api alpha version this week
  • Li will work on tami s9
    • k.b is most promissing
    • k.c and h.2 are too big issues to handle
    • h.1 is special case of h.3
    • k.a can be easily handled
    • k.a, k.c (and probably h.2) require additions to DPA ontology
    • h.1 and h.3 require careful design of data category ontology
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