IW Meeting 2007 July 25

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  • UTEP: Paulo, Nick 915-747-6373
  • Vancouver: Deborah (604) 683-1234 room 2917
  • Stanford: Li, Cynthia,


  • Announcements and schedules (Li, Deb)
  • gila report
  • work plan
  • Summer student's progress (Cynthia)
  • topic: semantic logging and explanation



  • next TAMI meeting, tomorrow (s9, s0)
  • gila: no work before September
  • dell server installation actions
  • meetings as utep

dell server

  • plan A: merge Winslow to CS network, let CS administrator
  • plan B: put our machines to CS network,
  • plan C: we manage the servers and run them in Winslow network.


  • external ssh
  • restart tomcat
  • limit users, add external users

gila reports

  • No work before September
    • Oct 07: new SDK
    • Dec 07: port to new architecture; collect new requirements
    • Feb, March, May 08: integrate phase 2 features
    • July 08: debug, stabilize, and prepare system
    • Aug 08: final drop
  • Ken and Martin reviewed Darpa report
  • Phil went through new architecture
  • Our position
    • Ready to help Phil and Martin
    • Help formalize "semantic logging" and "explanation template and summary" for transactions and decisions - overlap with E2ESA
    • Help register special RDF template for background or shared knowledge such as "constraint"

work plan

  • pml api consolidation (Cynthia)
    • pml.util has been clean up
    • all build files updated
    • replaced junit.jar
    • TODO ( comments in code page; javadoc; junit; regression test; review code structure)
  • probeit (Paulo)
    • three forms: standalone; web browser plug-in (or applet); web application
    • it is not replacing iwexplainer
    • not going to replace iwbrowser
  • iwsearch
  • encode provenance challenge

action items

  • have a separate meeting with K before TAMI meeting (Li)
  • website maintenance: make ineference-web.org working (Li)
  • dell servers: (i) only allow limited users to log in; (ii) time is important
  • pml api (Li, Cynthia)
  • hopeful making iwsearch in Aug.
  • confirm meeting
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