IW Meeting 2007 Jan 3

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  • GILA
    • data structure ontology: recommend keeping the current namespace, (i) upload ds folder
    • gil new ontology: (i) split and upload gil-core and gil-aco; (ii) generate document for GIL-ACO problem/solutions usage
    • PML API: (i) contact MRE to generate explanation
      • hand coded PML
      • example java code for using PML APIs
      • help MRE generate PML documents and then publish them in specific location for PML2 Browser consumption.
    • clarify scope of Constraint learning and corresponding ontology: (i) need to talk to ugur
    • preference ontology
  • PML
    • [Li and Deb] ontology clarification in progress
  • TAMI
    • prepare for f2f meeting (jan 31 - feb 1)
      • generate TAMI-PML extension and support PML2 based navigation across justification and transaction log
    • [Li] ping dan on CWM-PML generating
  • CALO
    • calo visit
    • Jan 22 - 26 (monday-> thursday):
      • [Li and Cynthia] jan 24 (Wednesday) calo demo, 1:30,2pm,4pm.
      • [Li and Cynthia] jan 26 (Friday), 10:45-11:30, calo Site visit


  • move meeting to Tuesday 2:30pm
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