IW Meeting 2007 Feb 07

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  • highlights
    • intel visit went well
    • integrated with tabulator
  • gila
    • pml in use (CLR)
    • gil ontology update
  • tami
    • chris rule for TMS dump
    • Dan Conelley cwm-pml translation
    • scenario 9 patien zero
  • iw2
    • pml summit meeting planning
  • wine agent
    • narrowing down to the key problem, maybe JTP causes the problem

action items

  • the cwm-pml translated pml code can only be viewed by iw4, Li will work on translation, and cynthia will work on display


  • mayukh continue investigate making wine agent alive (demostrating a simple use case of IW)
  • investigate explaining PAW policy inference
  • (li) update codebase-layout wiki article
  • update PML summit meeting agenda.
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