IW Meeting 2007 August 30

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  • Stanford site
    • machines in 242
    • Cynthia
    • Alyssa
  • rpi site
    • getting a new monitor
  • utep site
    • sub-contract invoice

pml2 api consolidation

  • current status of pml2 api: three folders
  • handle folders other than src: unittest code, location-map.n3, files
  • source code control
  • integration with Alyssa
  • integration with Paulo
  • release (jar, src, doc, javadoc, example)
  • bug tracking

pml2 primer

  • use ISWC paper as the starting point
  • use Cynthia's email to Alyssa to generate tutorial and example

action item

  • (Li) iw website
  • (Alyssa) test the new build from Cynthia and report
  • (Cynthia) test the work from Dhyanesh's sister and report
  • next meetings: noon sept10; noon sept 17
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