IW Meeting 2007 August 24

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  • transition updates
    • website http://iw.rpi.edu
    • Li moved to RPI
    • lab furniture will be setup by the next week
    • 3 students, 1 potential student
    • possible place for conference call without bother other people.
    • Stanford-RPI Transition Wiki transition page
    • change of "people page" of IW website
      • Paulo - put everybody together
      • Deb, Alyssa - we need contact point, title; KSL layout looks OK;
      • decision - organize like KSL format, every one annotated by title; change principle to professor;
  • (Paulo) TPTP connection
    • (Paulo) need cynthia and Li write translator for TPTP proof
    • (Deb) we do need to see the value of doing so and powerpoint walking through this idea and its value
    • (Paulo) the motivation is to build a proof library for benchmark analysis
    • (Li) I leaned two step (i) translating tptp syntax to PML; (ii) show value-add computations (e.g. abstraction, explanation annotation) that can be run on the proof.
  • TAMI REI-Plus policy generation (Li with Lalana)
  • PML 2 API updates
    • PML 2 API interface consolidation
    • use PML 2 API generate proofs, candidates include JTP(embed), SPARK(embed), TPTP(translate), CWM(translate).
  • reset ontoligua


  • (Li) move wiki website, re-map inference-web.org (need Deborah's log in)
  • (Li) PML API consolidation
  • (Li) PML 2 primer
  • (all) review the people page, http://iw.rpi.edu/people.html
  • (paulo) take one example for tptp and show the translation into pml and give a highlight tranlsation of the proof (due september 7)
  • next meetings
    • august aug 30 2pm iw
    • september 10 noon pacific - paulo will provide presentation
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