IW Meeting 2006 Sep 29

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regular topics

  • announcement
    • KSL-tech report updated
    • management page generate for machine inventory management inside this group
    • IW meeting move to regular (wednesday afternoon 3:30-5pm)
  • project
    • PML
      • solve TAMI issues
      • solve PML-J issues
      • partition PML development jobs and plan job assignment
    • CALO
      • updates from Alyssa and Deborah
    • TAMI
      • ProvenanceElement issues - it might not be an appropriate super-class of Person; how to assert the provenance of statements
      • interlingua between transaction log and proofchecking trace - I need more clarification on TBL's suggestion
      • help harvey expose TMS data to PML ?
      • set up meeting with MIT to have TMS generate PML
    • GILA:
      • report GILA ontology analysis result to ATL(Betty, krishina), Umass, GT, and fujisu/maryland -- suggest (i) partition (background knowledge, communication language, service language), but will ontology dependency make things worse? (ii) ATL working on ACO ontology (iii) we associate PML with terms for explanation purpose
      • submit sourceforge with detailed explanation document consists of (i) clarification on explanation related concepts (ii) two types of recognized explanation (iii) other possible explanation (yr1, yr2..)
  • research
    • directions? conferences? consider papers for WWW2007 ?

special topics

  • wine agent debug (mayukh)
  • management
    • there are 12 SP (IBM) machine downstairs, we might need to (i) restart them to find out their relations to Wine Agent demo (ii) consider repurpose them
    • for repurposing ra1.stanford.edu, we need to check if there are anything important, esp Wine Agent.
    • cynthia is working on configuring silo for PML1 demo
    • Moving Wikis are stalled now because we are waiting for a server equiped with mysql4.


  • PML
    • LI: three types of dependency, namely data, belief, and action/event.
  • calo:
    • last interview done. user study generated.
    • received Adam's requests on explanation demo
  • tami:
    • need to contact chris
  • gila
    • need to contact ATL for ontology action clarification
  • mayukh is making progress on installing wine agent on foto to repeat the bug

action item

  • Li ask (vasco,alyssa) on representing sequence of actions
  • pre-meeting for TAMI (Monday 11am)
    • Ping chris
    • Set up meeting with chris and harvey on exporting TMS results in PML
    • understand what will be output? or propose the output format
  • pre-meeting for GILA (afternoon Monday 3pm)
    • clarify our position and task
  • sumbit explanation document to GILA
  • PML meeting next monday (5-6pm)
    • clarify provenance element
    • justification for TAMI
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