IW Meeting 2006 Sep 22

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  • announcement
    • CALO year-4 statement of work approved !!!! (Jan 1, 2007)
    • Mayukh back to work
    • deborah will be out of office tuesday and wednesday morning
    • two papers in ISWC
    • Karl can transfer knowledge
  • todos
    • IW meeting scheduling (next week friday 3:30pm, thereafter Wednesday 3:30-5pm staring from oct.4)
    • TAMI demo next week
    • GILA submit explanation document to sourceforge
    • PML meeting (wednesday afternoon 3:30-5pm)
    • Mayukh will investigate wine-agent problem (karl, cynthia, rob)
      • cynthia will give some pointers
      • maybe that is because some servers were shut-down
      • hints: read document (karl's print, paper, web page); read source code;
      • goal: find out the problem; report weekly with summary page; build documentations for mantenance purpose on IW Wiki.

maintenance issues

  • KSL homepage, KSL repository
  • Wine agent
  • ontolingua, Chimaera
  • JTP (Karl, Selene): serveral branches, Bill Murdock
  • OWL-QL
  • TAP (tentative)
  • ten IBM machines
  • shift Wiki-trust demo to some machine
  • shift IW-Wiki to stanford
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