IW Meeting 2006 Sep 15

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  • paulo suggest we set up a meeting on PML2 implementation
  • prepare swui paper (alyssa has it now, vasco will do his pass on sat, deborah on sunday)
  • GILA explanation proposal document


progress report

  • CALO, back on track,
  • GILA
    • propose our explanation solution (i) IRL=>MRE explantion specified by peers, (ii) does confidence (or cost) belong to explantion; (iii) shall we propose the explantion structure for each ILR (but who will consume that, consume what?) (iv) only WEBAD is web service in current vision, how can we explain the interactions among MRE/ILR (which are not recongized as web service). stanford and maryland will need a talk.
    • send out by next week, best monday
    • decison of communication language, we discuss with maryland, and get PML to replace XML
    • why-not explanation, (deb) depend on reasoning infrastructure, easy for tabular reasoner but hard for Forward chain inference.
    • vasco
  • PML2
    • PML-J,
    • PML development planning (Paulo)
    • PML2 meeting (Thursday afternoon) (wed,friday)
  • TAMI
    • TAMI - how PML2 fit-in and help presenting the transaction log
    • need to show the advantage of our generalized architecture and show their limitations

swui paper

  • alyssa(fri) => vasco(sat) => deborah(sun)
  • Please send the final version of your paper to swui06sub@cwi.nl by September 18th for inclusion on the workshop website and on the CD-ROM distributed to attendees of all workshops at ISWC2006.
  • doubt on the format instructions (which was said to be sent soon after the acceptance email) mentioned by organizer?


  • silo configuration
    • use latest version or follow administrator's suggestion


  • vasco is going to el paso in
  • reschedule IW meeting
  • plan calo stuff
  • PML2 meeting next thursday afternoon
  • wednesday afternoon
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