IW Meeting 2006 Sep 1

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PML ontology

  1. source Usage
    • hasUsageQueryContent is a property of SourceUsage
    • LearnSourceUsage
  2. unregister source


  • next PML meeting (thursday, 11am pdt, alyssa, paulo, cynthia, li)
    • [TODO] alyssa show example to validate if the concept are good for CALO agent
    • [TODO] li highlight the changes from PML2(draft) PML(0808), maybe mentions changes from PML1.
    • [TODO] consider how to update ontolgy
  • management: (machine arrival)
    • Cynthia check machine, pml2, outside, final webserver
    • tomcat, database,
    • Wiki the machine inventory (admin)
    • [TODO] Li helps alyssa get wiki password
    • [TODO] Cynthia help Li install Wiki at stanford
  • meetings
    • TAMI: wait deb come back(report PML2, how it support Scenario 3 better)
    • GILA:
    • CALO: 9/18
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