IW Meeting 2006 Oct 4

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review last week action item

  • Li ask (vasco,alyssa) on representing sequence of actions
  • pre-meeting for TAMI (Monday 11am)
    • Ping chris
    • Set up meeting with chris and harvey on exporting TMS results in PML
    • understand what will be output? or propose the output format
  • pre-meeting for GILA (afternoon Monday 3pm)
    • clarify our position and task
  • sumbit explanation document to GILA
  • PML meeting next monday (5-6pm)
    • clarify provenance element
    • justification for TAMI


  • announcement
    • mid-autumn festival
    • 2pm thursday presentation (by a research from HP on diagnosing network problems) host: vasco
  • project
    • CALO:
    • GILA:
      • document submitted
      • using explanation from CALO?
    • TAMI:
      • provenance element discussion
      • progress on transaction log and proof trace
    • wine agent investigation:


  • Management
    • selene's machine can be repurposed
    • ra1 has no user (confirmed vasco)
    • PML1 on silo


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