IW Meeting 2006 Oct 23

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  • wiki moved to stanford
  • wineagent report puslihed on wiki (closed)
  • iw homepage update, espcially demo page
  • alyssa's calo video uploaded on demo page
  • trust.stanford.edu now mapped to capo.stanford.edu


  • ontology justification structure (cynthia need a stable version to start with browser)
    • need martin to fix new machine ligo.stanford.edu (karl's machine)
  • mayukh is ready for developing IW registry.

mayukh moving trust-tab demo to silo

  • li has moved the database in part
  • mayuhk is going to report next meeting

discussion on gila visit

  • PML works on explanation/justification level, but how to connect to domain knowledge
    • previously strings annotated with language, e.g. kif, n3
    • now could be RDF graph (referenced by information)
  • clearify the role of explanation in gila
    • who are the consumers, human and/or machine? How knowledge will be accessed and used.
  • clearify the role of owl and ontology in gila
    • need to identify the purpose: who will generate, what will be generated, who will consume.
    • need to know the advantages, e.g. semi-structure for integration, inference of generative knowledge.
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