IW Meeting 2006 Oct 11

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Alyssa CALO video

  • [action] li ping alyssa on the updated final version of CALO video
  • [action] hopefully we can have a verion of video for Oct GILA-meeting, show general idea on how Inference Web supports GILA infrastructure.


  • OWL 2 java (using jastor)
    • [action] Honglei (Li and Cynthia will help) will work on that
    • source owl ontology: http://iw.stanford.edu/2006/10/ (gila.owl)
    • http://jastor.sourceforge.net/
    • the PDF document is related but not a documentation for jastor.
    • the current verison is 1.0.4 (with jena 2.4 support)
    • not sure if restriction can be translated.
    • most time manual involvements are zero; however, there could be some post-manula-modifications when the ontology is complicated.
  • [action] vasco is going provide view-graph on java access in owl data via some tool (maybe protege).
  • [aciton] li get owl:List from OWL-S 1.1 to PML and GILA ontology, agreed by Deborah

PML2 tool planning

  • [action] li and deborah nail down PML concepts for cynthia
  • quickly get PML2 browser working
    • [action] Cynthia prioritize the PML2 browser for the proofs. for TAMI-TMS => PML2, and GILA
    • Cynthia may off-load work to mayukh

mayukh's report on Wine Agent

  • rob suggested that we restore the old verion that worked
  • cynthia said that the old version did work either
  • [action] mayukh send our investigation result to rob, we expect him to provide additional guidance.

moving trust-tab demo

  • [action] mayukh move application
  • [action] mayukh update documentation
  • [action] mayukh move registry
  • [action] move to silo with the help from cynthia


  • IL oct 25-27
  • [action] move IW meeting from 18 => 19 (1:30pm)
  • [action] move IW meeting from 25 => 23 (3:30pm)
  • iswc in Nov


  • [action] Li repurose one machine from selene's office for IW wiki
  • one machine from alyssa's room ra1.stanford.edu
  • [action] cynthia one machine from Karl (to be assigned to PML2)
  • [action] cynthia will work on the new printer


  • we can push details to next week meeting
  • use GILA as an example
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