IW Meeting 2006 Nov 15

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  • announcement
    • papers
      • complete FLAIR
      • complete abstration paper
      • start AAAI
    • visit/travel
      • GILA PI meeting (nov)
      • upcoming calo site visit (Dec, Jan)
      • upcoming tami f2f (Jan)
      • intel site visit (Jan)
    • summary of ISWC travel
    • publication page updated
    • visitor Yutaka Matsuo, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, visiting CSLI, stanford.
  • GILA
    • ontology presentation
    • explanation survey/framework paper (honglei) explanation for problem solving and learning. (1)explain learning from execution trace; (2) explain MRE decision process, the branch and why not for negative examples. (3) explain ILR's problem solving, especially usage of (external and domain) knowledge. we may consider starting from calo learning needs.
  • CALO
    • site visit scheduling
    • (Li) will put new long year3 calo presentation on demo page
  • PML2
    • mapping PML1 concept to PML2 concept
    • IWbrowser for PML2
    • consolidate PML ontology
  • TAMI
    • f2f meeting planning
    • representing transaction log and generate explanations.


action items

  • Li generate PML2 examples to test browser, we will make it online on iw-demo page.
  • Li make sure calo video online
  • Li get validator work soon
  • Honglei and Li will follow up the explanation paper
  • Li talk to TBL/studenty in TAMI meeting on link to tabulator 0.7
  • mayuk's mapping work
  • pml ontology meeting (this friday)
  • next iw meeting thursday afternoon 1:30pm nov 30.
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