IW Meeting 2006 Nov 1

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  • announcement
    • trust-tab example moved to silo
    • ISWC travel
    • calo year 4 approved
    • summary of cherry hill visit, PDR
  • (vasco) preference ontology, this may help betty as the starting point for preference ontology
  • SWUI presentation
  • GILA ontology development
    • Excution trace. Since we need to represent state change, PML may help. But we need to understand what knowledge is expected by ILRs. we also need to connect ASteps and OWL-S profiles of PSteps.
      • how to capture the application of PSteps. OWL-S only capture the interface description, but not the actual service interaction messages.
    • GIL ontology need to be updated to the request.
    • the data access SDK is highly dependent on Jastor now, and Phil also mentioned future work using OWL API.
  • TAMI progress
  • PML2
    • cynthia is working on mapping from pml1 to pml2 ontology


action items

  • (Li) will put new long year3 calo presentation on demo page
  • (Deb) OWL master follow-up, Steve Welder.
  • (Deb) GILA PI ontology presentation, after thanks giving
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