IW Meeting 2006 June 30

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  • Privacy workshop (Deb)
  • CALO (Alyssa)
    • version incompatible: CALO upgrade to java 1.5 but IW remain in java 1.4
  • Trust (honglei)
  • derived rule (vasco)
  • IW codebase
    • IWBrowser: Cynthia has added a simple N3 translator
    • IWBrowser: max "len magnitude" option exposes a bug
    • IWBrowser: default namespace handling resolved
  • TAMI progress report (Li)
    • updated TAMI page at KSL
    • PML Browser: test-bed (or prototype) for next generation explainer/browser
    • change of translation - huge n3 formula (pending): Lalana want to see it in a separate window.
    • change of translation - adding AND elimination (pending): Lalana don't like extraction, need our help.
    • order of antecedent (resolved): (W3C, Li) we don't need that now. (Deb) we have the capability to host both, so we do not change

action items

  • Li: ask Paulo to add "and elimination"
  • Li: summarize huge-n3 formula to Deb, contact Lalana
  • Li, Deb: IW website clean-up
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