IW Meeting 2006 June 14

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This is the result of three-day meeting on planning PML2.


action items

  • confirm PML ontology split and principles (Li, done+TBD) (starting now, determine which should also go to current PML)
    • pml-p: provenance
    • pml-j: justification
    • pml-tm: trust metrics
    • (TBD, high) pml-px: additional constraints for reflecting object-oriented design
    • (TBD, low) pml-jx: additional constraints for reflecting object-oriented design
    • (TBD, low) pml-tmx: additional constraints for reflecting object-oriented design
    • (TBD, low) pml-x: importing everything
  • documentation: complete ontology annotations/examples for the new PML.
    • PML evolution paper (Deb, starting from now, outline expected)
      • why split the ontology
      • what's new: concepts, application domains
      • our solution overview
      • examples that justify the value
      • evaluation: learning curve;
      • contributions: (i) lessons learned (ontology engineer) (ii) modularity (Software engineering) (iii) connection from Semantic Web to database backend
    • PML overview (Paulo, starting from now, outline expected)
      • design of a collection of ontologies: scope of each ontology, examples but not complete content,
      • desired tools
      • application areas
    • PML primer for representing justification ( Li )
      • make it TR, deliverable for TAMI
      • explain how to represent justifications using PML
    • PML language specification (Li)
      • part I: provenance
      • part II: justification
      • part III: trust metrics
    • PML API tutorial (Paulo)
    • (TBD) research issues in IW, e.g. abstractor, explainer, (Deb)
  • renew IW website (Li, Honglei, Cynthia) (collect requests)
    • IW bug tracking system (bugzilla)
    • redesign the website (replace menu to navigation bar, webmaster)
    • PML specification on Wiki (collect change request)
    • PML ontology (published by Cynthia and Li )
    • (TODO) PML specification generated from PML ontology (automatic)
    • (TODO) PML code generated from PML ontology (published by Cynthia)
  • schedule the development of new PML API and tools (Deb, Li, Paulo, Vasco, Cynthia)
    • transition from existing IW to PML2 (Cynthia)
    • renew IW base (search+browse) (Li)
    • renew IW browser (browse justifications/provenance, provide global view of justification tree) (Paulo)
    • renew IW explainer (Li, Alyssa(Sept) )
    • renew IW abstractor (vasco)
  • code development issues (TBD)
    • CVS
    • put it sourceforge
    • how to synchronize source code development
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