IW Meeting 2006 July 7

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IWBrowser (Cynthia)

  • problem with huge amount of nodesets: We generate too large html file which makes web browsers running out of memory.
    • we will recommend browser, and try to reduce the generated html.
    • english sentence format: display URI


  • huge conclusion string: we will compare both lalana's approach (usesFormula, hasVariable, hasFormula), and Li approach (add source usage)
    • huge conclusion is caused by embedding huge formula referenced by N3 variable.
    • how to deal with conclusion using two variables, while a inference step cannot have more than one sourceUsage. Moreover, this solution may allow a inference step having both antecedent and source usage.
    • shall we modify iw browser to display lalana's mapping, can we use prettyMapping? Lalana still need some time to work out the desired display before she ask us to make the change.
    • PrettyNameMapping
  • pr:Fact: we need more discussion. pr:Fact shows that CWM directly derives conclusion, e.g. KB-A log:implies formula-1. It is different from pr:Parsing, which extract conclusion from source document. Currently lalana translate it into pr:Inference.
  • connect to Hal's domain dependent renderer (will be discussed in July 20-21)

action items

  • english sentence format does not display URI surrounded by angle bracket (Cynthia will investigate, Li provide examples)
  • help lalana on huge (Li)
  • help lalana handle pr:Fact (Li)
  • proposal for connecting with Hal's scheme representation (Li)
  • stop crawling onto.stanford.edu (Li)
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