IW Meeting 2006 July 28

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  • restart server in emergent cases (e.g. before demo)
    • stanford CS Action does not feel happy that we physically reboot our servers
    • honglei can be on pager during such cases as long as he has access to machine rooms.
  • tami update
    • pml n3 extension ontology
    • intergrating with tabulator (keep PML ontology OWL DL)
  • trust
    • Kodak and TAMI have provenance and trust problems and context
    • honglei's report conversation with Prof. Ashish Goel
  • PML2
    • ontology, APIs, documentation
    • finished during september
    • wrap-up current PML
  • SWUI paper
    • we will write a high level paper with many graphics

action items

  • Alyssa is going to show the CALO video in next meeting
  • Honglei will lead searching new machines (one for IW main server, one for deb's desktop)
  • Deb and Li will send email to TBL on tabulator
  • Deb compose outline for the SWUI paper
  • Li provide formating foundation framework for the SWUI paper
  • Cynthia will check wine-agent after vacation
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