IW Meeting 2006 Aug 4

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  • review objectives made last week
    • Alyssa is going to show the CALO video in next meeting -- done
    • Honglei will lead searching new machines (one for IW main server, one for deb's desktop) -- todo
    • Deb and Li will send email to TBL on tabulator -- done
    • Deb compose outline for the SWUI paper -- done
    • Li provide formating foundation framework for the SWUI paper -- done
    • Cynthia will check wine-agent after vacation -- todo
    • IW website 2.0 --done
  • new objectives
    • SWUI paper: outline discussion
    • abstraction: discourse view (CALO, Alyssa), Vasco


  • vasco: working on parsing N3 to detect patterns. (Li: we have to objectives, detect patterns, or just convert a pattern match into a compact representation)
  • alyssa: demonstrate CALO
  • Deborah and Li: SWUI paper

action items

  • vasco will prepare a summary on the critical issues of abstraction
  • Deborah and Li will lead the SWUI paper
  • for next TAMI meeting
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