IW Meeting 2006 Aug 25

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  • CALO (Alyssa)
    • UI: user studies on why do you believe that
    • Deb can provide link at UTEP
    • Alyssa mentioned some future interviews for collecting user feedbacks
    • adding to user study/evaluation to AAAI paper
  • TAMI meeting (Li)
    • abstractor
      • different understanding (vasco and lalana) on abstractor
      • Li: we need some examples in TAMI scenarios that need abstraction
      • We take Lalana's option: we will first let CWM based translation first and then consider our abstractor approach
    • need a plan for report: (we meet on monday)
  • GILA walk through notes (Li)
    • progress in building individual ILRs
    • the interface between MRE and IRLs are unclear, their jobs are not well partitioned
    • explantion is not so clear to most researchers, by case based reasoning
    • Notes: possible f2f meeting in oct
    • ontology meeting: for background knowledge, and air control order. ** our explanation: (i) MRE/ILR (ii) ILRs
  • PML 2.0
    • IW Search
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