IW Meeting 2006 Aug 18

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  • schedule
    • pml2: (paulo,deb,li,cynthia) 8.22-23 (tuesday/wednesday) morning (11-2 est)
      • plan migration, how to getting tools compatable with PML 2 ontology
      • paper idea
    • gila meeting (li): 1-5pm EST 8.23
      • push PML to integrated learning
      • li add to the mailling list
    • tami: report progress, 8.31
      • li talk to cynthia on PML2 implementation 8.21
      • vasco suggesting that abstractor need N3 processor to unify conclusions of pattern with the target justification trace. For N3, we may need to call CWM from abstrator program to determine equivalence of two conclusions
      • Li suggest that we assign URIs to conclusions, and then the abstractor can do the comparision in language independent way: (i) comparing if two URI are the same; (ii) use owl:sameAs assertions which can be prepared by CWM in advance.
  • desired features
    • scalability design for provenance
    • provenance for TAMI
  • Honglei's report on trust
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