How to run an IW meeting

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Meeting lead should complete the following to conduct an IW Meeting.


What it takes to run the meeting

Before meeting

Just before meeting

During meeting

  • Coordinate attendees technology setup
  • Review agenda - each person provide short description of what/why.
  • Discuss agenda items
    • Take notes on discussions
    • Collect potential discussions that surface
    • Maintain focus by tabling discussions that are not the current agenda item.
    • Close meeting early to review discussions and action items

After meeting

  • Paste titanpad onto wiki meeting page.
  • Provide summary
  • Review for actions
  • Organize notes



  • Skype: "PML Telecon" is a running conversation.
    • PC users can access it from "conversation" tab.
    • Mac users can bring it up by looking through Window:History for "PML Telecon"

Call information

Call information should NOT be posted publicly.

Call information is at

Call information can/should be posted to the Skype conversation "PML Telecon".

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