How to find and reuse existing instances of Language, Format, Software, and InferenceRule

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By: Tim Lebo

The PML ontology does not enumerate instances of Languages, Formats, Software, and InferenceRules, leaving the creation of such instances to the developer adopting PML. Still, it is important that instances of these classes are reused as frequently as possible so that disparate PML applications can easily recognize their occurrence. Use the methods listed on this page to find existing entities that you can reuse in your own applications. If you don't find anything, use How to create a findable instance of Language, Format, Software, and InferenceRule.



A PML Registry describes instances of Languages, Formats, Software, and InferenceRules that are intended for reuse.

select distinct ?type
where {
 ?s a ?type

Note that the following two queries give different results (1,046 vs. 20):

select distinct ?format
where {
 ?format a <> 
} order by ?format
select distinct ?format
where {
  ?s <> ?format
} order by ?format

Both results can be combined:

select distinct ?format
where {
 { ?format a <> }
 { ?s <> ?format }
} order by ?format

Before searching, consider granularity of provenance required

Before you start searching for an instance of Language, Format, Software, or InferenceRule, consider if you are modeling too much detail for what the user requires.

An example


Discussed during IW Meeting 2010-07-15

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